Neenu Muthu

It was my first week in Coimbatore when I spotted a dog with a pitcher around his head. When all my attempts to get the pitcher off his head failed, I sought help from HAS. And within an hour HAS's staff had attended to the dog. Having worked with a few animal welfare organizations earlier, I am cognizant that it is impossible to help all the animals in need. But the way HAS responded to a mere post of mine asking for help was impressive and with that my association with HAS began. I HAD to visit the HAS shelter and see how I can be of help. So on a Sunday I visited the shelter and the sight of dogs crying for attention only made me wonder what I was still doing there without doing my bit. I found 2 wee puppies in a crate and I couldn't stop myself from volunteering to foster them until the next adoption drive, which was in 2 weeks. Off I went home with Teddy and Pooh.

My 2 weeks with Teddy and Pooh: Teddy and Pooh were absolutely adorable and made my house a beautiful home! It sure wasn't easy as puppies are no different from babies. I had sleepless nights, I had mopped the floor 3-4 times a day, come home from work every afternoon to check if the babies were OK, I had called off a few meetings because they would plonk themselves on my lap and refuse to let me go anywhere. But there was love in their eyes and warmth in their hearts, and I fell in love with them a little more everyday. They enjoyed making me smile with their antics, peeing on my bed, giving me kisses, chewing on my fingers, crying for attention and the little girls had no idea what they were doing to me.

They were taking up more space in my heart with every passing day and I never seemed to be OK with the idea of my babies leaving me in a few days.They became a part of my life; my best friends. The only solace was that there was a better life awaiting them. And when the day of the adoption drive arrived, I was the happiest as both my babies got adopted into the same family.

I cant thank HAS enough for giving me the honor of being loved by the two most precious girls I have ever met. The two weeks that Teddy and Pooh were with me was the most soul satisfying experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I have moved out of Coimbatore now, but the memories still make me smile. Thank you so much HAS for trusting me with the babies. I will be back in action once I settle down in Karur.