"My Experience at HAS"- Sabina Jousma

My name is Sabina and I am living in the Netherlands. My whole life I was surrounded by animals. My mother ran a shelter and my brother, sister and I helped her with everything.

When I grew up, I had my own dogs, cats, goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, hamsters etc. until a couple of years ago when I decided to travel. For a few years I didn't have any animals. But I missed it so much, especially the dogs. I followed some courses in alternative forms of healing for animals. As a reiki master and a Bach flower therapist, I try to help dogs in shelters abroad. I worked in Greece, Thailand and India. For me this is indeed the ideal way of living and helping! I can travel and I am surrounded by dogs! When I am at home, I offer foster care for the Hindu Hounds (that’s how we call the dogs from India).

I have special feelings for the weak, frightened and sick animals. If they are healthy and happy, almost everyone likes them so they get enough attention. With people I am very impatient, but with animals I am the most patient person on earth. I can sit whole day in their cage, give Reiki or other treatments and wait until they trust me or until they feel better.

It was not my intention to come here and do some volunteer work for HAS. But I am very happy that it had to be this way! HAS is a great organization and they do a lot of great work. The dogs in Coimbatore must be very happy with such an organization! I am really pleased that I could be part of the team. It is a pity that it was only for 2 weeks.Oh and of course, I am vegan! I love all animals, not only dogs!