Volunteer information

We are always seeking general volunteers interested in working with animals, volunteer veterinarians, vet nurses, or vet students to work with our vets and animal care staff to sterilize and provide treatment for animals, mainly street dogs.

Many street dogs, mostly abandoned, suffer from starvation, infected open wounds, mange, and other diseases. The organizational goals are to humanely create a healthy, stable dog population in Coimbatore and to eliminate rabies, which kills thousands of people in India every year. We are accomplishing this through a widespread street dog sterilization program, medical treatment for sick and injured dogs, vaccinations, and humane education. The organization’s impact goes far beyond the animals it treats.

As a volunteer at HAS, you will have opportunities to learn different approaches to veterinary medicine and help treat illnesses and injuries that are uncommon in developed countries. You will also be able to ride on HAS’s animal ambulance with staff who catch and release street dogs and respond to emergency rescue calls. Approximately 12-20 surgeries are done per week (including spay and neuter), giving good surgical exposure for you. Additionally, we hope you will share your knowledge and experience so as to help make sustained improvements to our programs.

Volunteer experiences

Marc and Elisa

We got the wonderful chance to spend a whole month with the wonderful dogs and volunteers ...

by Marc and Elisa  |  February 2020
Kelly and Evi

When we first got to HAS we were welcomed by the staff and shown around the shelter ...

by Kelly and Evi  |  January 2020

HAS holds a special place in my heart for plenty of good reasons. I kept coming back ...

by Quynh  |  Regularly
Julia Lellouche

I stayed one month at the shelter and had a really good time. So many dogs just waiting ...

by Julia Lellouche  |  December 2019
David Berger

At Humane Animal Society, I was involved with walking the dogs and helping to socialize ...

by David Berger  |  November 2019
Michelle and Fran

We volunteered at HAS for a month and it was the best volunteering project we ever participated ...

by Michelle and Fran  |  October 2019
Patricia Dorsey

I have just finished helping at HAS for the month of January. Over the past four years ...

by Patricia Dorsey  |  Regularly
Elena Reiser

My name is Elena Reiser and I'm a German final year vet student studying in Budapest, Hungary ...

by Elena Reiser  |  October 2019

I am Ambika, an 11th standard student who interned at Humane Animal Society during the ...

by Ambika  |  October 2019
Isaac and Linh

The team at HAS was very friendly and caring toward us and the animals ...

by Isaac and Linh  |  July 2019
Sai Santhosh

Hello all, I am very glad to share the experience at HAS during the past 5 months ...

by Sai Santhosh  |  June 2019
Georgia and George

HAS welcomed us with open arms despite our lack of experience ...

by Georgia and George  |  June 2019

My internship at the Humane Animal Society has been extremely enlightening, to say the least ...

by Deepak  |  May 2019
Kate Blanchard

Having seen the plight of street animals and finding few like-minded people who wanted ...

by Kate Blanchard  |  Regularly
Giulia Martina

I spent 45 days with HAS family. Was my first experience in a dog shelter and ...

by Giulia Martina  |  February 2019
Csilla Dobos

I arrived to the shelter with little experience, but the staff welcomed me warmly and ...

by Csilla Dobos  |  February 2019

I had already been travelling in India for 6 months when I came to volunteer at HAS. I am ...

by Tara  |  February 2019

Life at Coimbatore for me started just a few months ago. Being an avid animal lover I ...

by Manasa  |  Regularly
Natasha and Ryan

I volunteered here with my partner and we both thoroughly enjoyed our stay. We cannot ...

by Natasha and Ryan  |  January 2019
Emanuel Stas

Hello! I am a horse vet myself and wanted to spend my holiday in a meaningful way and so I ...

by Emanuel Stas  |  November 2018

My tryst with the voiceless began, I should say right from the time I was born, as I grew up ...

by Anushka  |  Regularly

Sick at home led me to search for a family full of fun and frolic and abundance of love. This ...

by Rushab  |  Regularly
Flora Berthier Duboz

I chose to make an internship in HAS for one month within the framework of my veterinary studies and ...

by Flora Berthier Duboz  |  October 2018
Vikram Varma

My internship at the Humane Animal Society has been extremely enlightening, to say the least.

by Vikram Varma  |  September 2018
Mukul Anand

My association with dogs didn’t really begin with the best of notes (a bite and the consequent ...

by Mukul Anand  |  Regularly
Vaishnavee Suresh

I have always loved animals from the time I was a kid. I still remember my mom telling me ...

by Vaishnavee Suresh  |  Regularly
Sarah and Danille

Our time at HAS was a tough but deeply rewarding experience. The whole team of staff and ...

by Sarah and Danille  |  July 2018
Christina and Viveka

Being an old friend of Mini’s and Madhu’s, I wanted to come and see them and at the same time ...

by Christina and Viveka  |  July 2018

I spent a month and a half at the HAS shelter, and it was my first experience with an ...

by Valentina  |  March 2018

I have heard so much about HAS from my daughter that when visiting her recently I thought ...

by Ade  |  Regularly
Anna Telegan

Through a Dutch organization that tries to help street dogs (and cats) all over the world ...

by Anna Telegan  |  January 2018
Alice Chalk

Volunteering with Humane Animal Society (HAS) has been an incredible experience, it is hard ...

by Alice Chalk  |  December 2017
Sabina Jousma

My name is Sabina and I am living in the Netherlands. My whole life I was surrounded ...

by Sabina Jousma  |  September 2017
Heidi Foord

I am from England and now in my late twenties. I worked as a public health nurse back in England ...

by Heidi Foord  |  June 2017
Cyrielle Rouviere

I worked at HAS for one month in July as a volunteer to help take care of the animals over there. There were ...

by Cyrielle Rouviere  |  June 2017
Brigitte Duong

In May of last year, I boarded a plane heading straight for India with the intention of completing my Yoga ...

by Brigitte Duong  |  June 2017
Madhurii Aakula

I am currently working with Statestreet HCL Services, Coimbatore. I relocated to ...

by Madhurii Aakula  |  Regularly
Bony and Maria

Two months back, me and my friend Maria spent some wonderful time volunteering in the shelter ...

by Bony and Maria  |  April 2017
Alan and Emily

We are an English couple who are spending 6 months travelling around South India. We came ...

by Alan and Emily  |  March 2017
Victoria Taylor

All along my travel in Asia, I have recognized the severe situation of suffering street dogs. Seeing ...

by Victoria Taylor  |  October 2016
Sophia Barner

As I arrived in India, I didn`t have any idea, what to expect. And if I am honest, in the beginning ...

by Sophia Barner  |  September 2016
Conor and Virginie

When my girlfriend, Virginie, and I arrived in Coimbatore, Mini, the founder of the Humane ...

by Conor and Virginie  |  September 2016
Julia and Thomas

First of all, we want to thank everyone involved in Humane Animal Society, for giving ...

by Julia and Thomas  |  July 2016
Kevin Abraham

I got introduced to HAS through Facebook. I first contacted Mini regarding a few pups ...

by Kevin Abraham  |  July 2014
Indhu Jaa

My dear animal lovers, I am really glad to jot down about my experience with HAS ...

by Indhu Jaa  |  July 2014
Suraj Kumar

I was introduced to HAS through my good friend Dhaval about two years ago; but, hadn't given ...

by Suraj Kumar  |  June 2013
Neenu Muthu

I was introduced to HAS through my good friend Dhaval about two years ago; but, hadn't given ...

by Neenu Muthu  |  May 2013
Agneetha Amarnath

Since June 2012 I have been a volunteer at HAS where I have made new friends, took part and ...

by Agneetha Amarnath  |  June 2012
Vignessh B.

From my childhood days I have been very fond of animals, especially puppies and kittens. They are ...

by Vignessh B.  |  February 2012