I will tell you a secret! If you take me home instead of a puppy, your furniture and carpets will thank you for it!
Birth April 2011
Sex Female
Death March 2023

F or more than a decade, Amber had made the streets her home—which we know is no easy feat. But after a nasty road accident left her with a crushed paw, she was no longer able to survive on her own. When we saw her for the first time, her eyes were filled with tears, must be because of the pain she was going through and the hopelessness she felt! The injury was so severe that we knew we had to amputate her injured limb to provide her with a quality of life that is free of misery! Amber made a complete recovery after the surgery and is currently one among the most senior residents of our sanctuary.

As age was catching up, Amber had become slower and spent more time sleeping. In the early hours of 12 March 2023, as a fight broke out among some of the dogs in her group due to one of the dogs from the neighboring enclosure crossing territory, Amber became quite distressed. Despite moving her to a kennel hoping for a recovery, she breathed her last in a couple of hours. This adorable old soul leaves a lot of beautiful memories that will remain etched in our minds.