Captain Sparrow

Who says tigers belong only in the jungle?
Birth March 2018
Sex Female
Death February 2023

R ushed to our clinic as a tiny kitten in a critical condition after being ran over, Captain Sparrow quickly became a favourite of the volunteers who helped care for her, and they played a huge role in helping to rehabilitate her so that she could live a happy, healthy life once her injured leg had healed. This little cub has grown into a beautiful tigress and has found her own version of the jungle at our sanctuary!

Captain Sparrow started to lose appetite in early 2022, and she seemed tired and dull. On examination, she was found to have a tumor in the mouth for which she had been under treatment since then. She was on liquid diet and seemed stable for a few months, but her condition deteriorated around February 2023. To prevent further suffering, we had to take the difficult step of putting her to sleep. While we will certainly miss her antics, the beautiful memories will stay evergreen.

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