I am a good boy, but I find it hard to forget my past which makes me fearful of humans
Birth November 2017
Sex Male
Death May 2023

J ake was brought to our rescue centre after suffering a severe trauma to the head, and it was days before this frightened little pup showed any signs of life, as he lay curled up in a ball in his cage. Slowly, Jake began to wake up and respond to treatment, and was able to eat and drink on his own. However, this terrified little guy didn’t enjoy being handled, and only a few team members were able to touch him. Knowing that being around other dogs might make him feel better, we shifted him to a new enclosure as soon as he was well enough. But while he looked happier there, he grew even more nervous of humans and became more aloof.

We continue to work with Jake to keep his life as stress free and comfortable as possible. He has sponsors who cover the cost of his care, but we are hopeful that someday, someone will come forward to work with him and help him learn to trust humans again. Until that day, we will love him unconditionally, and as life on the streets would be tough for a shy dog like Jake, we’ll care for him for as long as he needs us.

Around mid April 2023, Jake started losing appetite, and blood tests revealed kidney insufficiency. He was maintained under fluid therapy when he started to perk up and had a couple of happy weeks soaking in the warmth of all the love and affection he received from our staff members. Unfortunately, his kidney values did not improve and his appetite kept on and off. On May 3rd, his condition deteriorated and to save him from suffering, we had to take the difficult decision to put him to sleep. Jake had endeared herself to everyone during the few years that he shared with us. May his soul rest in peace!

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