I may snooze; but trust me — I'll never lose!
Birth September 2012
Sex Male
Death January 2024

A s one of our oldest residents, Mani is loved by everyone; and despite having had his leg amputated following a traffic accident, he has wasted no time in making a happy, stress-free life for himself at our Sanctuary! Often found curled up snoozing beneath the mango trees in a cozy hole he recently dug for himself, Mani may be the head of a gang of pooches, but a softer, more affectionate dog you'd be hard pushed to find.

On the 17th of December 2023, we noticed two blackish masses suggestive of a tumor on Mani's body and promptly admitted him for a detailed examination. Also, his amputated stump had a wound with mild discharge. While the biopsy of the tumor returned inconclusively, Mani continued to go about as usual with wound management being done regularly. On the 13th of January 2024, Mani showed a lack of appetite and passed away during the early hours of the 14th. Post-mortem revealed a tumor on the spleen that had ruptured and bled into his abdomen. We are grateful that he had a great innings with us and stayed alert till the end. Rest in power, Mani!

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