Puppy's scar from within

10 May 2012    |    By Pranavi Jay

I t was a usual day for the people in my neighbourhood with each one of us busy running for our regular chores that never end. In the midst of such bombastic tantrum lies the bantam act of love. We never would have given a continuous stare for ten minutes at the bush near my place, as it was full of thorns and a complete mess of shaggy waters. It could never be a comfy place to make a living, but to my wonder that bush turned out to be the home for one helpless poor soul. She was often beaten by people who treat it as a low being, though we picture that specific species as the symbol of faith. That soul appeared to be the most beautiful being I have ever seen in my entire life despite the skin that had bruises all over. It neither was as cute as a Spitz nor as adorable as a pug, but her eyes were full of love like every other breed.

I wonder what we failed to see in her that made the humans discriminate the breed and treat her as a lowlife. She was never loved in my neighborhood and people treated her as an ugly stray, which was their loss as they just failed to receive some uncontaminated love. For a week or two my mom fed her and she use to tell me how affectionate the dog was to her. We named the stray Puppy, and very soon we noticed that she was pregnant. She was due anytime now and we had no idea what she was going through.


One particular day we returned home late and my mom was searching for Puppy all over the place but we couldn't see her. My mom began to worry that Puppy being pregnant might get bitten by other dogs. We just couldn't stay home. We shouted out her name and looked out for her in vain. It was almost midnight when the thunder storms were busy hitting our place. There was heavy rain and I was just falling asleep when my mom woke me up and said that she heard Puppy's cry but couldn't see her. My dad and I woke up and looked around but couldn't see her though we could hear her sharp cry. My mom couldn't stand to listen to that cry. She went out to look into that thorn bush.

There she then found Puppy with her little ones. We carried them from there and placed them in our car shed along with Puppy. She just gave a silent look that said everything that any human being could ever tell. Her eyes spoke of compassion and above all it spoke of motherhood that could be understood only by another mother.

That was when I realised that motherhood has the greatest influence in human life. All that time Puppy was planning to make a home in the thorn bush for her pups rather than any other home in our neighbourhood. Why? Because the way humans treated her had ripped her heart into pieces, worse than what the thorns will ever do to her skin. The pups grew in our place until they learned to survive on their own and then they were adopted to be man's best friend. No matter how worse their past was they could never be unfaithful to their masters. If we can't give them love, let us not show them hatred.