Who is Cindy?

29 January 2014    |    By R. N. Uma Shankar

I t all started with a leading Newspaper’s supplement page dated 7th September, 2012 lying on my desk. It said Adopt a Dog seeing that, my long intentions of having a pet grew even bigger because now we had moved recently into a traffic free, spacious, bigger house in Kavundampalayam, Coimbatore, TN. So, the choice was now open to go for a dog, my experience with my friend’s dog was diplomatic but still I was a bit confused to decide which BREED would be feasible for us. I have seen few INDogs chasing down & showcasing their dominance over the costly foreign breed dogs. I thought why not an INDog? May be friends & neighbors might tease me but INDogs are more immune & smarter than these BREED dogs (read in few blogs & Wikipedia) hence I decided to go for an INDog as my first pet & took the family’s nod with few conditions (the regular ones like stay only out, u should clean & take for walk.. etc).


Ram Apartments, Peelamedu 9th September, 2012 – Me and my brother Kasi were curiously looking at these human’s best friends. They were all tiny.. tiny.. adorable ones. I did take a note from my mom to go for a male as it will not cause any unnecessary problems. I met Ms. Mini, the coordinator of HAS (Humane Animal Society) and made a request for a male, but then all the male puppies were adopted and we were left out with only females. Then she asked me & I answered in the following manner:

- Why only male?

- because Mum needs a male one.

- Can I talk to your mum?

- Sure.

I just dialed to my mom explained about the situation that she has put me in with this woman and handed over the phone. Ms. Mini had a brief talk with my mom telling her about how females are much independent, friendly & also good guard dogs (personally she herself has 3 female INDogs), it was not a salesmen type of convincing but facts with truth. My mom was ok. And now me & Kasi have to choose a puppy, I passed the button to Kasi now it was his responsibility to choose. He pointed me a pup – fawn, skinny but full of energy & hyperactively pulling all other puppies to play with her, I was surprised because all the other puppies either got bored or slept but this one was happy. I do believe in some superstitious omens, this one too. We adopted her but only after that we realized all the medical treatments for her will be free of cost @HAS. (We give a home and HAS gives medical care).


Couple of days I had to wake up around 3 AM to convince my howling female puppy that this is her new home & no need to panic, we started calling her CINDERELLA aka CINDY, I did remember my childhood fairy tales.

Father, who was so reluctant at first, started to notice the little funny things that Cindy started doing. I was happy because cindy made my dad smile often & brought out his hidden childish nature. For a man who has sacrificed all his needs & dreams for the betterment of his family, Cindy was a burst of happiness. Morning while going to his shop & at night while returning she would never allow him to enter into home without playing, petting & pampering her. They developed a strong bond over the months.

Mother, (though only on her command everything happens!). She treats Cindy like her own daughter, even if me or Kasi are busy with our work she would remind us to feed her/take her for walk & of course think about her if we were held up in any functions. She strongly believes that one of our female ancestors has come in the form of Cindy to our home to watch us live happily and to share humaneness with us. To her Karma + Bhairavi = Cindy.


My wife has understood my affection & love for Cindy and she has also started to reciprocate the same, after all she had two German Shepherd pets. She understands the space needed for me & Cindy, she never tries to reduce that space. Am gifted, ain't I?

Kasi always has some problems with Cindy, it is either she is willingly doing or a mere coincidence. Whenever a shoe/slipper is chewed it is his, whenever a paper is torn it is from his note, whenever she is barking it is Kasi eating something without giving her, her share. They both are our premium fighters at home. But whenever there is a hot discussion happening between Kasi & us, Cindy always supports him by barking at all of us as if she’s asking us to leave him as he his in his teens & so let he enjoy it.

I dint want to train Cindy as I always thought she will learn better by watching us, she dint fail me. Now she knows exactly at what time we wake up, eat, sleep, play with her, pet her, go out etc. After her arrival things have changed a lot, in a positive manner though. Especially when she just crawled & slept on my lap after her spaying operation @HAS, it just touched me. Yes, love is universal & it has no species discrimination.


I should also thank Ms. Mini, Dr. Abhilash Arjunan & Ms. Ashwini Subramaniam for helping me to understand what will a dog need & how to overcome their tantrums during my initial days.

Though my neighbors at times, look at me with a cheap sight (as they all have high class foreign breed dogs, of course locked up always) for owning an INDog, me & Cindy are fine with that. We don’t care what they think!

Cindy is now 1 year & 5 months old. I also know that this happiness will come to an end, may be if lucky in nine years. But even if I adopt another dog am not sure whether I can show the same amount of care & affection that I have for Cindy as because it is my first pet & my first love!

Now days with the extra sense that God has given us, we have already partitioned ourselves with race, caste & religion and now we have turned towards other species too. We breed dogs & stopped their natural selection process, and then we are commercializing them. To me it is a sin.


How about apes breeding human beings & commercializing them?

The difference is that dogs don’t see any differentiation in their race, to them everything is bow.. bow.., their emotions & feelings are almost the same and they are bound to work together with us. But we differentiate them, create an artificial status symbol between us to own them. But to them we are all same HUMAN & what we need is HUMANE. Thank God, he dint give them that extra sense.

It is our duty to accept the natural selection process & to stop commercialization of dogs. So, what we do? simple, adopt an INDog, have pride in having the most ancient breed of dog & showcase them happily in public. Do not care about others. Show them that love is universal.