Humane Animal Society

A non-profit trust helping animals in Coimbatore, India, since 2006

Birth control

Neutering and spaying of 20,000+ dogs since 2006

Rabies vaccinations

30,000+ companion animals vaccinated against rabies since 2006


Sick, injured or abandoned animals are rescued by HAS every day

ABC and Rescue Centre

Animals are admitted at the ABC and Rescue Centre for sterilisaton and emergencies


Animals that are healed and cannot be rehabilitated elsewhere, stay at the Sanctuary

The Ambulance

A centerpiece in our activities is the ambulance, donated by Dogs Trust UK in 2016


We have facilitated 3000+ adoptions since 2006


Preventing suffering through education and by creating awareness


Welcome to the Humane Animal Society!

Humane Animal Society (HAS) was established in April 2006 as a non-profit trust under the Indian Trust Act to address the welfare of stray animals in the city of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. This we do through animal birth control and anti-rabies drives, and by rescuing animals that are in urgent need of treatment. The rescued animals are treated and rehabilitated at our ABC and Rescue Centre before being released back to their community. The HAS Sanctuary becomes the new home of the ones for whom release wouldn't be safe.

HAS is also engaged in creating awareness, and advocates for the equal rights of all sentient beings.

HAS does receive a small amount of public funding, but is reliant on the contribution of generous individuals. By volunteering and donating, and by adopting, fostering or sponsoring individual animals, you not only have a direct and measurable impact on the well-being of stray animals in Coimbatore, but also on the almost 200 cats and dogs, plus a cow and a horse, that live at the Sanctuary or are being treated at the ABC and Rescue Centre.

So, please come in to explore further. We welcome you to open your hearts and join our cause.

A celebration of kindness and compassion

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EveryLife 2021 calendar is ready!

This year's theme, once again, is core to the very mission and vision of HAS: rescues. We have featured some beautiful rescue animals and their stories this year - some that are house pets, some community animals, some that are residents of our shelter, some that are disabled - ALL of who have admirable strength and unrestrained love. Rescues like these were possible only with your unstinting support.

By Mini Vasudevan   |   19 November 2020
Category: Shop news
HAS Newsletter, April 2023

April is certainly extra special as that's our anniversary month and we have a lot to feel proud of. When HAS was founded by a group of likeminded people 17 years ago, it was not just out of the love for animals, but more so from the realization that animals on the streets lacked even the basic necessities for a decent life. From day one, we have tirelessly worked to learn, improve, and grow, just so we could provide the best treatment, care, and a dignified life for animals on the streets.

By the HAS Team   |   21 May 2023
Category: Newsletters
Our dog made us better humans

Ezra was adopted in 2012. It was a journey, not just for him, but also for his humans who have learned a lot from Ezra. In fact, Ezra has created humans who are much more rounded than they were before they met him.

By Zurwan N. Amaria and Devatha P. Nair   |   16 August 2021
Category: Stories
Story of a street dog

Moti, the street dog, explains the realities of living on the streets, the dreams and aspirations of your average street dog, and hints at how the humans could, with just a little effort, make a real difference for the many animals who are spending their lives on the streets.

By Bhavani Sundaram   |   9 August 2021
Category: Stories
Interview with Mini vasudevan

Humans of Coimbatore interviewed HAS founder and managing trustee Mini Vasudevan in February 2020. The interview is featured on the various digital platforms of Humans of Coimbatore. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Humans of Coimbatore for giving visibility to our work. We are so grateful when other organisations choose to feature our work and spread our message of compassion to the millions!

By the HAS Team   |   20 August 2020
Category: HAS in the media
Pixie, ready for adoption

Rescued as a young, orphaned pup, we became Pixies substitute mother and she quickly endeared us all to her. Frequently caught mid escape attempt, she was an adorable bundle of mischief and love. Adopted and returned once, she remained under our care and aside from a minor skin infection that responded well to treatment, she thrived and is now a proud, healthy member of our permanent family.

By the HAS Team   |   18 August 2020
Category: Animals
Jimmy, ready for adoption

Jimmy was found tied up at our sanctuary gate, abandoned by his family. Though his abandonment made him to feel insecure, he really has come out of his shell. Jimmy prefers to receive affection on his own terms but once you earn his trust he will happily receive pets! He is sweet, affectionate and enjoys his lap time with our volunteers.

By the HAS Team   |   20 March 2020
Category: Animals
Marc and Elisa's volunteer experience

HAS is always seeking general volunteers interested in working with animals, volunteer veterinarians, vet nurses, or vet students to work with our two vets and six animal care staff to sterilize and provide treatment for animals, mainly street dogs. We welcome volunteers for any amount of time, and no particular experience is necessary. If you are interested in volunteering, please write to us at or register your interest by filling our Volunteer Registration Form. Marc and Elisa were volunteers at HAS in early 2020. Read about their volunteer experience here.

By Marc and Elisa   |   10 February 2020
Category: Volunteer experiences

Purrrfect Christmas!

a HAS special feature
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