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Our world’s economies are built on exploitation of nature, a huge part of which comprises of animals - our fellow species & sharers of Earth. We firmly believe that animals are as entitled to a happy & peaceful life as humans strive for their own selves. On this strong foundation of belief rests our commitment to the welfare of all stray animals. Humane Animal Society (HAS) was established as a private non-profit trust in 2006. It is managed and supported by animal lovers of Coimbatore who work towards rehabilitation and betterment of abandoned, neglected, injured and homeless animals. HAS creates awareness, advocates equal rights, and safeguards welfare of these sentient creatures who do not speak the way we do, but who communicate as effectively, if only we bother to listen.

Please come in and explore our thoughts further. We welcome you to open your hearts and join our cause.




Street Dog Sterilization Center
Opp. No: 22 Bus-stand
Sugarcane Breeding Institute Road
Seeranaickenpalayam, Coimbatore - 641007



Humane Animal Society
Bhagavathy Amman Koil, Periyakadu Thottam
Othakkal Mandapam-Nachipalayam Road
Coimbatore - 642109


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Humane Animal Society
35, Co-operative Colony,
Perks Arch Road, Uppilipalayam,
Coimbatore - 641 015.

Appeal on Behalf of Leon

Please Help Leon Reach His Forever Home!

Leon is an active and healthy 5 year old German Shepherd dog who is currently at HAS. He was rescued from the streets of Coimbatore as a severely underweight and malnourished young dog and has been staying at the shelter for close to two and half years now. The shelter has desperately tried to find him a suitable home locally in India but all their efforts have been in vain. Leon’s story was posted on local newspapers and also in international pet adoption forums several times. When all hope was lost, his future mom, who lives in England, read his story online and has come forward to adopt him provided we can send him to her. He has waited way too long at the shelter and it is time for him to go home to a loving family that is eagerly awaiting him. We are determined to give this special boy his second chance at life and we would greatly appreciate your help in raising funds for his travel. No amount is too small. Even if you have $5 to spare, it will make a huge difference.

If you would like to help Leon, kindly donate via Citizens for animals (100% donation for Leon) or via Global Giving (85% donation for Leon).

Thank you!