Patricia Dorsey

Volunteering at HAS regularly

I have just finished helping at HAS for the month of January. Over the past four years, I've helped at several shelters in India, learning a little more and trying to contribute in a small way. The very least that I can do is show kindness to the shelter animals. Sometimes we can do more. At HAS, I was pleased to find senior management with an honest desire to improve the shelter. Mini encouraged the development of a volunteer-led program to treat dogs with mange and other skin problems. We started a program of regular bathing, medicated creams, brushing, and application of Spot-On flea/tick treatment. Through regular care, we saw the coats of several dogs improve and their skin was cleaner and more supple. Additionally, Mini has hired a passionate and talented vet to lead a transition to improve veterinary and overall welfare of the dogs at the shelter. She is training two newly hired vets in best-practice procedures and working with the shelter manager to improve the welfare of the shelter residents by encouraging better cleanliness, regular access to clean water, and good quality food. Additionally, the new vet presented a four-day class teaching volunteers about recognizing diseases, wound care, and how to assist vets. It's been exciting for me to be part of this change. I look forward to returning to HAS and working again as part of the volunteer team.