Dog stories
Dog stories (2006-2020)
From Fluffy with love
By Lekshmi Nair
Posted on 20 June 2012

A line from a famous Malayalam song has been haunting me ever since i heard it for the first time when I was a little child: Like the night to the day, I bid you adieu (rathri.. pakalinodennapole yathra chodippu nhan), it says. How does the night say goodbye to the day? I have wondered. Is it that the separation is inevitable, and so the parting note is one of helplessness? Or is it that there is hope, and that the separation is but transient, because tomorrow again, they will meet?

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Lara, the black pearl
By Ike
Posted on 28 June 2010

She came home in a Neuro Surgeon’s apron pocket on 9 November 2002. Dr. Uma Nambiar, the Onco-Neuro Surgeon at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi, gifted her to us. Uma had already given her a name, Lara. We never asked Uma why she chose Lara.

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Max, a miracle in my life
By Mini Vasudevan
Posted on 24 December 2008

It was April 9th 2008. Max was lying in my arms with his head slightly tilted towards the floor. His breathing seemed slightly calmer now that he was in a more comfortable position. He had been quite disturbed for sometime, was struggling for breath and certainly hurting somewhere. If only he could speak…

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Just once more
By Lekshmi Nair
Posted on 6 June 2008

Rocky, my dog came to my life as a little pup of two months. As all pups go, he was sweet and cute. But as mums go, to me, he was the cutest! I can't think of anyone, not even my children, who belonged to me, or established their right over me, as Rocky did.

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