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HAS is committed to rescuing and rehabilitating animals that are hurt or in distress. Our animal van goes to various sites to perform rescues, after which the animal is given the necessary medical check-up and treatment. Depending on the situation, we either release the animal back at the same location, or try to get it adopted post recovery.

Please note that rescues are NOT possible without public help and support. We are severely short staffed and financially constrained. Kindly understand our situation when you call for a rescue, and support us in order to help the animal in the best possible manner. This may include taking in the animal temporarily, tracking it till help arrives, bringing the animal to our shelter rather than wait for the van, donating a small amount for its treatment, and helping in release/rehabilitation of the animal.

In the past we have rescued many dogs, cats, cows, horses, birds and squirrels. Call us at 9366127215 if you see any animal in distress.