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EveryLife 2021 is here!
By Mini Vasudevan
Posted on 19 November 2020

This year's theme, once again, is core to the very mission and vision of HAS: rescues. We have featured some beautiful rescue animals and their stories this year - some that are house pets, some community animals, some that are residents of our shelter, some that are disabled - ALL of who have admirable strength and unrestrained love. Rescues like these were possible only with your unstinting support.

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EveryLife 2020 is here! (SOLD OUT)
By Mini Vasudevan
Posted on 22 September 2019

EveryLife 2020, now ready to hit the shelves at your nearest HAS outlets, bringing pictures of our adorable dogs and kitties into your home, office, classroom or workspace, and get organised with the daily planner.